Understanding Search Marketing in 2006 / 2007.

Understanding Search Marketing in 2006 / 2007.
By: Sharad Saxena

Understanding Search Marketing in 2006 / 2007.
By Iwebresources.com (Sharad Saxena)

Visitors find related information by using a search engine. You may have the most incredible website on the Internet, but it will receive little or no traffic without search engine visibility and ranking.

The goal for your website is to appear on the first or second page of the search engines’ results when your target users searches keywords or keyword phrases. Because most people who use search engines only look at the first page or two of the search results. Search engines like Google, AltaVista, MSN etc currently indexing over 10 billion pages; hence it becomes more and more difficult to get listed in top rank.

The creation of original and high quality contents provides the highest returns. It's extremely important to set aside time to research on your content as content plays a vital role, if you want to get listed in top rank of search engines. Content is extremely important because it ‘s the content which is indexed in search engines and on this indexing position of a website depends in search engines. Also do some research to find good keywords, which you think will be used by visitors to find your website. Use good keywords with low competition. Content also play a role to get inbound one-way links for your website as if content is good then other web sites wants to link with your website.

Link popularity in simply terms is the total number of web pages that link to your web page or website. Search engines rank web pages and websites by checking link popularity of your website. Link popularity increase the visitor’s traffic and getting good web page rank given by search engines. Always try to increase incoming links on your website, as incoming links are relevant links which is relevant to your website services and products. Incoming links helps to get targeted visitors who are looking for similar type of services or products over web. Another type of link exchange is reciprocal link in this type of link webmasters exchange links with other in order to boost their link popularity. Adding links in your website is a very effective way to get direct traffic to your website.

At this time Google is at number one along with Yahoo! And MSN Search at second and third place respectively. These three search engines holds / represent between 85% and 95% of all traffic that arrives at a website directed by a search engine or directory service.

Try to add your website in all search engines and directories, if you website get listed in Google it doesn’t means that your work is over. Try to promote and add your website in other search engines also like MSN, AltaVista etc. And above all try to list your website in Open Directory (Dmoz) as it is the most important directory that exists on the web today.

MSN Search currently holds a smaller share of the search engine market than Google or Yahoo! But MSN has the constant attention of consumers, because of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, as long as MSN has such a strong majority of the browser market they are able to be in market for a long-long time. That’s why try to list your website in MSN Search also.

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