Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – Is It More Hassle Than It’s Worth?

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – Is It More Hassle Than It’s Worth?
By: Peter Wise

By Peter Wise – UK Advertising Copywriter and Website Copywriter *

So many people are talking about search engine optimization, copywriter after copywriter is starting to offer it, and countless websites are telling you how to do it for yourself. Therefore making sure your site is written to appeal to the search engines has got to be worth it…hasn’t it?

Well, a surprising number of sites aren’t optimized in terms of the way they’re written (beyond metatags, which are of limited use nowadays anyway). Even today, many of the self-employed individuals I know in the UK and elsewhere don’t bother with it, and nor do quite a few of the clients whose websites I write.

So if you’re wondering if search engine optimization copywriting is really worth it, here are come questions to ask yourself:

Are you a blue chip company, a famous business or individual, or do you offer a unique but well-known service?

One site I wrote is for one of the world’s biggest car companies. It wasn’t optimized. It didn’t need to be. If all the people you ever want are going to come to your website anyway, then search engine optimization copywriting is unnecessary. They’ll find their own way there.

Do you want your website to exist simply as a showcase for you or your products or services?

If you’re a photographer, say, who just wants some examples of their work online to point people towards, then fine. But don’t expect joe public (or rather joe prospective customer) to discover it for themselves.

Does your business operate in an extremely competitive environment?

If so, wouldn’t you like to give your business a real edge by making sure that yours is the one customers are likely to turn to first?

Would you like to pick up new customers online?

The problem is, how do you get those prospective customers to find you without sponsored ads, pay per clicks or expensive banner campaigns? (Besides, research shows that a first page ranking works much better than any of these.)

Is it important to be near the top of the search engine rankings?

Well, you can probably answer that one for yourself. How many times would you go beyond the first page or two when searching for something? If you’re not somewhere near the top, you might as well be nowhere.

One solution is to keep adding content to your website. Another is to generate links to your site, either by direct requests or by writing articles. Both of these are major factors in rising up the rankings.

But given that both of these areas involve considerable amounts of time and / or money (not to mention writing), it seems strange to ignore the other key method of finding favour with Google & co - namely search engine optimization copywriting.

But doesn’t search engine optimization copywriting cost time and money as well?

The short answer is yes, of course. However, less than you might imagine.

For instance, if you’re taking the advisable route of getting a professional copywriter to write your website, he or she, if they’re any good, will know how to optimize it. (But make sure they can show you an example or two of other sites they’ve successfully optimized before hiring them.)

Optimized copy, in itself, should not cost you any more than regular web copy. A decent copywriter will make sure that the copy flows well, appealing to customers as well as search engines. However, bear in mind that optimized web pages may be a little longer than un-optimized ones. And if you’re asking your search engine optimization copywriter to research keywords, that takes time. (Of course, you may prefer to do your own keyword research.)

So once the site is optimized, that’s it?

Well, it can be. But if you’re in a competitive field, and you want to not just get near the top of the rankings, but to stay there, you should consider adding content to your website.

You’re also likely to find that, once you’ve done your keyword research, there are all kinds of keywords and their variations that you’re keen to optimize. Given that it’s best to optimize no more than a couple of keywords per page, you could find yourself getting your search engine optimization copywriter to add new pages to your website. Which of course costs extra time and money. But it’s the price you pay for extra traffic and a successful website.

And the conclusion is?

If you’re already rich or well-known, you don’t need an optimized site. But if you want your business to be either of those things, ignore search engine optimization copywriting at your peril.

© Peter Wise

* Peter Wise is a freelance advertising copywriter, website copywriter and Search Engine Optimization copywriter based in London, UK. He also writes direct mail, brochures, newsletter articles and press releases. If you’re looking for a freelance UK copywriter, please call +44 (0) 7767 687524 or visit

Peter Wise is a freelance advertising copywriter, website copywriter and SEO copywriter based in London, UK. He also writes direct mail, brochures, newsletter articles and press releases. You can reach him at +44 (0) 7767 687524. For further information, please visit

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