Search engine optimization 123

Search engine optimization 123
By: Benjamin Hargis

In order to succeed online nowadays you need to implement a search engine marketing strategy. There are many different things you can do to to get better search engine results.The goal is to increase traffic to get more sales or qualified leads.

For instance if your in real estate in Washington D.C. you want to focus on keywords for your area such as Washington D.C. real estate. Real estate agents still use traditional marketing methods such as the newspaper when online marketing is more effective, cheaper and further reaching. I think the best way ultimately is get good results in the search engines organically not thru PPC or Pay Per Click over time. That way you dont have to invest money for advertising online. Dont get me wrong Pay Per Click will bring you traffic.

With PPC you bid on keywords. There are services such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, they price of the bids depends on what keywords your bidding for and competiion.

There is alot of talk on the Internet of white hat and black hat SEO methods. Black SEO methods will get you banned from search engines which is not a good thing for business.

Search Engine Optimization includes analzying your wrbsite to make sure it is search engine friendly, focusing on keyword density which is the amount of times your keyword shows up on your webpages. You need to focus on your descripion tags, meta tags, you should also bold, italize and underline your keywords. I would not overdo it thought there is a fine line between SEO and search engine spamming.

You should have a plan to succeed online. There are many steps such as checking your current rankings, amount of links and working on improving those.Identify keywords for your target audience and put your efforts into optimazing your website for those phrases.

Links play a important role as well both inbound links, those are linking pointing to your website from other websites.Work on link building to increase your link popularity to improve your search engine results.

Outbound links, who are you linking to? Not only are links important but the quality of links. If your a real estate company you should work on getting real estate related links pointing to you.

There should always be new content added to your website. A blog is also a great idea becauce you put links into it for your own website.

Submit your websites to search engines. This is an easy process.

Check your logs as this will tell you where your visitors are looking and you can foscus on those pages.

Doing SEO work is often time consuming. I talked to people on a daily basis who do not have the time to work on their websites. Its understandable. There are people who do this fulltime. They are called search engine optimization experts.I do not claim to be an expert but can perform search engine marketing and have done so for many clients who have seen an increase in traffic.

The search engine field is changing constantly. Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithims. I think Google is a great company and honestly we havent seen anything yet as far as search engines go.

Benjamin Hargis

Phuture Networks

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