Are You Content With Your Web Content? Five Major Website Improvements to Get You More Traffic

Are You Content With Your Web Content? Five Major Website Improvements to Get You More Traffic
By: Dina Giolitto

1. Killer Homepage Copy.

Your homepage is THE sole determinant in how much traffic you bring in. If your visitors can closely identify with the emotion conveyed in your copy, they'll mentally "bond" with you and be more likely to click through to your other web pages. If your copy isn't doing the job, bring in a professional who will.

2. Simple, Logical Navigation.

If humans can't even follow the links from one web page to the next, the search engine crawlers probably won't be able to, either. When I first emerged on the web scene, I had no idea that the linked words in a paragraph of web copy are needed to lure the engines to other parts of your website. But now YOU know, so make this information work for your website's rank!

3. Articles (formerly known as Deep Content).

A well-planned website is both logical and categorical in nature. Main pages should link to category pages that contain links that lead to articles. This is what drives search engines to index your website and add you to their roster of advertised pages. If this concept seems foreign to you, study the navigation of a major "hub" website like Try to imagine building your site starting with the deep content pages and working your way back to the categories which lead to the homepage.

4. Free Downloads for Your Visitors to Enjoy.

Surprise! Those marketers aren't giving you free information just because they're super-nice (although they might be... I know I am!). They do it because the more people who download files from their websites means the more page views they get. This greatly improves search engine rank!

5. Frequently Updated Content.

Give your fans and the search engines something to look forward to. Every time you put up a fresh article, new e-book download, fun quiz or special promotion, you drives hordes of new visitors to your website. This is GREAT for your page rank and ultimately great for your business. You can add pages of content to your site by featuring articles from other authors, publishing your monthly newsletter pages live in an Index, or updating your Products page regularly with new items from affiliates of yours.

There are so many smart ways to keep traffic flowing steadily in to every page of your website for better rank and a higher placement on the search engines. These are just five of them. I hope they help you create a GREAT site for your business that keeps your fans on the edge of their seats because they CAN'T WAIT to see what you're going to do next!

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