Are You Content With Your Page Views? Learn the SEO Secrets of how to Turbo Boost Your Traffic!

Are You Content With Your Page Views? Learn the SEO Secrets of how to Turbo Boost Your Traffic!
By: Dina Giolitto

Oh my gosh, you built a website, you took so much time and effort... but barely anyone's visiting. WHY is that? It could be because you have yet to Turbo Boost your site for more page views and increased rank with the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Following are Five Tried and Tested Techniques that Really Work to Drastically Improve your SE positioning. Try them and experience the difference firsthand.

SEO Secret 1. Make Your Reader "Click Here to Read More."

Think about this. You can guarantee at least one page view for every person who reads an article if you compel them to click a "read more" link. How to do this? Include four articles on a featured category page... but only paste the introduction to each article. Once the reader is "hooked" by an article's opener, he will click to read the rest. Remember this next time you're tempted to just plop a lone article on a carelessly placed page.

SEO Secret 2. Leave a Breadcrumb Trail that Leads Back Home.

No matter where you roam on the web, it should be your mission to lead customers back to your site... and that means not just the homepage, but other pages as well. So drop those breadcrumbs so that folks you meet can follow the trail back to your site. Examples: include your URL link in every blog and forum post you make. Broadcast your latest promotion to everyone you meet, and include the link to a landing page that covers the details in depth. Your sole purpose in being on the web is to track back to your site, and today's content distribution methods make it SO EASY to do this! Try it with your articles, blogs, forum posts, reciprocal links and more.

SEO Secret 3. Optimize Your Web Article Campaigns.

If you use articles to increase your exposure on the web, take advantage of that customizable author resource (or bio) box for every unique promotional page you create. Develop campaigns around each one of those articles that all point back to a single page on your website. This should be a specially designed page that houses a strong persuasive message and prompts your reader to become a subscriber. More subscribers after all, means more folks reading your website's content! Write five, ten, fifty or five hundred articles for each campaign. Wait two weeks and analyze your results. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you learned!

SEO Secret 4. Give Away Free Downloadable E-Books.

Surprise... I'm sharing with you the real reason why marketers give away information so freely. Yes, they want to win your favor... but they also want you to download that page. Each download counts as one page view, and this registers in your site stats which wins you major brownie points with the search engines. If you've ever started at your web traffic feeling mystified at the sudden surge in numbers, it's highly likely that you forgot that Free E-Book you recently gave away... or maybe some friend of yours is now giving it away from their website!

So now that you know the real reason for all this mysterious marketer behavior on the web, isn't it time you started using it to your advantage? Oh, but that's a TON of work, so what will you do? Why, you'll call Dina the Copywriter at of course... so she can get started on your Marketing Strategy ASAP!

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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